The Guide to Accounting Degrees

Want to become an accountant? Check out these need-to-know facts and 5 colleges to study accounting!

    Does accounting strike your fancy? It sure will after you read this article! Accounting is one of the most sought after degrees for university students in the United States, and for good reason. As a surefire stable career needed everywhere, studying accounting will lead to a promising career in business and finance. However, before you crack open your first accounting textbook, check out the article below and see what accounting is all about!

The Guide to Accounting Degrees

    If your dream is to become an accountant, you’re going to need a degree. With so many types  of degrees out there, which degree is best for you? What does each degree entail? Whether you’re a prospective college student looking for a traditional on-campus degree, or a non-traditional adult distance learner, choosing the right accounting degree is imperative. Check out the list below of some of the most common accounting degrees out there!

5 Fantastic Accelerated Online Graduate Accounting Programs

    In this day and age, having an academic edge can be all the difference in landing that first major job in one of The Big 4 accounting firms. With quite the competition out there vying for those selective Big 4 jobs, a graduate level accounting degree is your best bet to nab the opportunity. Check out the list below of some of the nations best online accelerated graduate accounting programs!