College Presidents Speak Out After U.S. Capitol Siege

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Four have died, police have been injured, and dozens have been arrested. University presidents speak out.

According to the National Public Radio, officials have shared that four people have died and more than a dozen police officers were injured after “a mob of supporters of President Trump stormed the nation’s legislative building” which lead to a temporary shutdown of a vote to certify the 2020 election outcome.

In real time, university presidents and administrators from top colleges all over the U.S. responded to the events. 

The following are statements that were made by several college and university presidents, cited by Inside Higher Ed in a recently published article.

“I want to be clear: the storming of the Capitol complex is not merely a brazen act by a relatively small group of instigators. It is the direct result of a campaign to sow mistrust in our democracy and to overturn an election that was by all reasonable accounts conducted freely and fairly. These events are made all the more shameful by their futility -- they are based on falsehoods and conspiracies that have been rejected in local, state and federal courts across the country, and they simply will not change the outcome of our democratic process."

Vincent Price, Duke University President

“In Congress I was told, ‘If you enter the Capitol and don’t feel awe and reverence, it’s time to retire. I never lost that feeling. I left when I lost a U.S. Senate race. The electorate spoke. I listened. The disrespect being shown to the temple of our democracy is heartbreaking.”

Mark Kennedy, University of Colorado President

"I can’t believe this attempted coup d’etat?”

David Wilson, Morgan State University President

“Law and Order, right. SMH. The President of the United States of America literally called for a political coup on our nation’s capitol. My lord.”

A. Zacahary Faison Jr., Edward Waters College President

“Can’t get any work done as I watch a mob storm the US Capitol. This can’t be our country.”

John Comerford, Otterbein University President

“Today’s reprehensible actions at the U.S. Capitol are an unacceptable threat to democracy. There is no place in our society for violence or attacks on our democratic institutions and the people who diligently serve our nation. We condemn the rioters and stand united in support of our democracy and those defending it.”

Sylvia Burwell, American University President

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