Neuromarketing in Action: 5 Strategies Put into Practice

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Learn about Neuromarketing: The combination of neuropsychology and marketing that has revolutionized the field of marketing. Find some instances in which neuromarketing is put into practice and more.

The main aim of marketing is to catch potential consumers' attention, as such, the field of marketing has always been based on behaviour. Studying your target audience’s pattern of behaviour and, in turn, their preferences, is the best way to tailor marketing strategies to make sure they appeal to the right audience

Neuromarketing has been one of the most effective ways to study consumer behavior, which is why it is taking the world by storm! Let’s learn more about neuromarketing, see some examples of neuromarketing in action, and much more.

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing combines psychology and neuroscience, and uses principles from both to apply them to marketing, creating marketing strategies based on consumer patterns of behavior.

The field of neuromarketing studies the brain to predict, and even possibly manipulate, consumer behavior. How? It measures psychological and neural signals to gain insight into what motivates customers, what they prefer, how they make their decisions, etc, and puts those insights into practice to create effective, custom-made marketing strategies.

How do they do that? Brain scanning and physiological tracking are the most common methods, but there are many more. The former measures neural activity and the latter measures eye movement and other proxies.

5 Instances of Neuromarketing Put into Practice

1. Eye Gaze
The fact that ads that show people are more effective than others comes as no surprise. With the help of eye tracking technology, marketing professionals have found out that babies are the ones who attract more attention from potential customers, but that showing pictures of adorable babies is not enough. If the baby looks face on, it is more likely that viewers will focus more on their face than on the content of the advertisement, which is a detrimental effect advertisers must avoid. If the baby is directing its look at the product that is advertised, then viewers more likely will look at the product.

2. Attention to Color
It is nothing new that colors influence our feelings, and this is no exception in the field of marketing. When it comes to choosing colors, advertisers must make sure the colors they choose cause the desired effect on potential customers, as the link between color and emotions is more present than ever in advertising.

3. Speed’s Importance
Speed and efficiency are musts in the world of advertising. Viewers like to read or watch advertisements as fast as they can, which is why efficiency is an essential part advertisers need to take into account. Showing the message that the product you are advertising is fast and efficient is a key to attracting customers.

4. Effective packaging
Attractive packaging catches our attention the most, this cannot be denied! It’s a long-established neuromarketing strategy that the more attractive and striking the packaging, the more likely it will be successful. In addition to that, neuromarketing has made it possible to make out whether the packaging shows positive, negative or neutral responses from customers, which is taking the field to another level, enabling professionals to tailor the packaging according to what brings about positive responses. 

5. Satisfaction Assessment
EEG imaging is used by neuromarketing professionals to identify an individual’s emotional response to a product, advertisement, among other things. As satisfying customers is the preferred response, this technique is used to measure their level of satisfaction. How do they do this? By evaluating the neural circuits that are involved in different responses. 

There are many more instances in which neuromarketing has been helpful in achieving customer satisfaction and catching more customers’ attention. This field is broad, and it keeps growing, which means professionals need to be constantly increasing their knowledge and skills to keep up with the latest innovations.

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