3 Organization Tips for Online Degree Success

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Are you considering pursuing higher education through an online program at an online college or online university? Have you already begun your online career? Let’s talk about 3 important organizational tips to take into consideration so that you succeed in your online degree.

With today’s online learning technology, online degree programs are easily accessible for college students at any age and any level of study. Students can earn an associates degree, certification, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate degree, or PhD through an online degree program. 


1. Treat Your Online Degree Program as a Job! STUDY = WORK.
Think about it like this: If you are studying online part-time, then you can treat your online degree as a part-time job. If you are studying online full-time, then you should treat your online degree as a full-time job. 

Earning your bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, or PhD online promises a load of flexibility. You will not have to make daily commutes to classes. You will not need to be present at specific places at specific times. 

This flexibility means you will have a great deal of independence! Treating your online career program as a job, with daily goals and tasks, will help you succeed. Consciously choose to pay attention and learn, schedule assessments, view lectures, complete tasks, and set firm boundaries. If you are studying, you are studying! 

Set your own schedule. Set your own tasks. 

2. Study Plan
At the beginning of a new online semester or online quarter, set a portion of time aside to plan a reading and assignment schedule. Set your own clearly defined and reasonable study plan. Allow room for the unexpected! Do not worry if, at some point, you have to make adjustments to the study plan for various reasons. Life happens. 

For example, it is helpful to have a set task list at the start of every week. You probably already have a lot of work, family, or personal commitments to keep up with every week. It is helpful to know exactly what you need to get done and by when for your online degree program. 

3. Time Management is Key
Create your online study plan, set your schedule. Then, stick with it! Note that you while earning your online bachelor’s, online master’s, online doctorate, or online PhD, you will be most likely taking multiple modules or classes at one time each online semester or quarter. Each online module or class will have different assignments and different deadline dates with a specific date and a specific hour time. DO NOT MISS YOUR DEADLINES! Knowing what is due and when, and planning how you will go about completing these tasks, will help you succeed.

Staying organized is the key to online success. Treat your online career as a job, set your own study plan, and manage your time wisely. 

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