5 Advantages of Taking Online College Classes

Monday, November 4, 2019

There are nearly three million students enrolled in fully online bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, associate, or certificate online programs. Online education is a popular higher education alternative so let’s talk about it! What are five advantages to taking college classes online? 

Online education alternatives were initially viewed with skepticism for the lack of contact communication. Over time, the reputation of online higher education programs has increased. Today, online career programs at the top colleges and universities are held with high regard. College students, from working professionals with families to recent high school graduates, can and should consider online career and online learning programs as valid options for pursuing degrees in higher education. Students can earn enroll in online education programs that allow them to earn an associate’s degree, certificates, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate/doctoral degree, or PhD. 

5 Advantages of Online Higher Education
What are five advantages of taking online learning classes to earn a degree in higher education?

1. Convenience and flexibility – Earning a degree online gives students the ability to plan study time around the rest of their day. Students can study and work at their own convenience. Earning a bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate/doctoral degree, or PhD degree requires a lot of time no matter what. Note that higher education degrees online do not equate to you spending less time earning the degree. What it does mean is that you have the convenience and flexibility of scheduling you own hours! This is a luxury that many students or working professionals look for. 
2. Lower total costs – The cost of an online learning program at top colleges and top universities is, on average, significantly more affordable than the same career program offered in the traditional, in-person contact program. Where do you save money? Commuting costs! You will not have to commute to a college or university campus every single day of the week. You may also save money on textbooks.
3. Continue in your profession – Are you a working professional that wants to pursue a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate/doctoral degree, or PhD but cannot or does not want to leave your current job? The convenience and flexibility of online learning programs gives you the option to pursue a degree in higher education without having to leave your job. 

4. Avoid commuting – Online career programs give you the chance to attend the top college or top university of your choosing without having to commute to the college or university campus every day. 
5. Transfer credits – This is a benefit that applies to undergraduate college students or students of any level that are trying to obtain specific college course credits in order to enter a specific field of study. If you want to attend summer classes but live too far from your college or university campus, taking online classes from an accredited college or university and later transferring the credits to your primary college or university is a valid option. You will most likely save money as taking summer classes at your primary college or university can be incredibly expensive, especially if you are attending a private college or university.

While it might be true that an online learning degree may not be the best fit for all college students, we cannot deny that it is a great option for those that need the convenience and flexibility that online learning programs promise. Keep these advantages in mind when you think about earning a bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate/doctoral degree, or PhD. An online learning program could be the right fit for you! 

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