5 Great CPA Prep Programs in the US

Thursday, April 4, 2019

If there’s one acronym that all accountants know around the world, its CPA. So, what exactly does CPA stand for? CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant, and it’s one of the most valued qualifications an accountant can have. Whether the dream is to open up a private firm or hold a managerial position, all roads lead to the dreaded CPA exam. With scores of accounting programs out there, only a select few offer CPA exam credit built right into the program. Check out the list below of some of the best CPA prep programs currently being offered in the US!

Purdue University Global
Since beginning operations just last year, Purdue University Global has proven to be an online education powerhouse. Offering a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Graduates Certificate in Accounting, each online program provides students with crucial educational requirements needed to take the CPA exam. While each program varies in the amount of CPA exam credit achieved, all accounting programs offered at PG will help students prepare for the CPA exam. All credits earned at PG will be accepted nationwide.

Southern New Hampshire University
A true pioneer in online education, Southern New Hampshire University has been serving top notch online programs for over a decade. When it comes to accounting, SNHU is all about variety with various degree options. No matter the level, SNHU guarantees that all of its students will be on the right path to sitting for the CPA exam. SNHU’s online Graduate Certificate in Accounting is a popular option amongst accounting students. A 7 course online program, students can earn 21 CPA credits with the option to earn more credits upon completion.

Bellevue University
Bellevue University is no stranger to online education. With transformative teaching methods and proven success with a diverse range of online programs, Bellevue’s accounting programs do an excellent job preparing students for the CPA exam. Emphasizing the importance of teaching all CPA educational requirements in its bachelor’s and master’s programs, Bellevue lets its numbers do all the talking. From 2014-2016, Bellevue had an average Bachelor’s Pass Rate of 60% for the CPA exam! Keep in mind that the CPA exam is one of the most difficult exams out there, so having a majority pass rate is quite impressive.

UC San Diego Extension
Commonly referred to as a “Public Ivy,” UC San Diego Extension is an excellent online education provider for adult professionals looking for a career change. Tailored for the adult professional student, UC San Diego’s accounting programs are convenient and very flexible. UC San Diego’s Professional Certificate in Accounting is an extremely popular option among adult learners, as no prior accounting bachelor’s degree is required to enroll. A hybrid program, CPA credit can be earned without the stress of having prior accounting degrees.

University of Illinois Online
The University of Illinois Online is a highly respected online provider of education. With an extremely personalized CPA prep program in place for accounting students, U of I online may be the best option for future success of the CPA exam. U of I’s Online Certificate of Accountancy in particular is a very popular option among accounting students. Including the invaluable CPA Exam Preparation Course, students benefit from the Gleim CPA Review, inclusive lectures, and authentic CPA exam simulations to ensure absolute preparedness for the CPA exam.

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