Colleges and Universities Across the United States are Canceling On-Campus Classes Due to Coronavirus COVID-19

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Universities from Seattle to Miami cancelled classes on campus classrooms as the novel coronavirus has affected more than 100,000 people around the world and its outbreak has transformed into a pandemic. 

Some Universities are telling students not to return to campus for 14 days after their return, depending on the laws in each state state.Many universities are telling students to  avoid travel to China, Italy and South Korea, as students are on or about to go on spring break. 

These are some of the major Universities that have taken such actions, including canceling or temporarily suspending face-to-face classes: 

• California Institute of the Arts
• Cal State Long Beach
• University of California, Berkeley
• University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
• University of Southern California
• Stanford University

• Yale University

• University of Delaware

District of Columbia
• American University
• Georgetown University
• George Washington University

• University of Florida
• University of North Florida
• University of South Florida
• University of West Florida
• Florida Polytechnic University
• Florida State University
• New College of Florida
• University of Central Florida
• Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU)
• Florida Atlantic University
• Florida Gulf Coast University
• Florida International University

• Emory University
• Kennesaw State University
• Georgia Southern
• Georgia State University
• University of Georgia

• Northwestern University
• University of Illinois-Springfield

• Indiana University
• Notre Dame
• Purdue University

• Bowdoin College

• Johns Hopkins
• University System of Maryland
• Morgan State University

• Amherst College
• Babson College
• Boston College
• Boston University
• Harvard University
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• University of Massachusetts
• Tufts UniversityMichigan
• Michigan State University
• Eastern Michigan University
• Oakland University
• Western Michigan University
• Wayne State University
• University of Michigan

New Jersey
• Princeton University
• Rutgers
• Drew University
• New Jersey City University
• New Jersey Institute of Technology

New York
• Columbia University and Barnard College
• Cornell University
• Hofstra University
• Syracuse University
• The City University of New York (CUNY)
• New York University (NYU)
• Yeshiva University
• Skidmore College

North Carolina
• Duke University
• University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
• University of North Carolina at Greensboro
• Elon UniversityOhio
• Ohio State University
• Kent State University
• University of Cincinnati
• University of Dayton

• University of Tulsa

• Penn State
• West Chester University
• University of Pittsburgh

Rhode Island
• Brown University

• Vanderbilt

• Rice University
• Texas A&M University
• Baylor UniversityVirginia
• University of Virginia
• The College of William & Mary
• Virginia Tech

Washington state
• Seattle University
• University of Washington

• University of Wisconsin-Madison
• University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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