National outrage over US college admissions scandal shakes the country, but for all the wrong reasons

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Surprise, surprise. Another major scandal has taken the country by storm, and surprisingly enough, guns and Trump aren’t involved. Now, before the country plays the ever so popular “shame game” on those charged in the US college admissions scandal, many questions must be raised before the populace goes on a “point the finger” spree.

Yes, it is always in the nation’s best interest to reprimand wrongdoing and corruption. Yes, the nation’s top officials must come together and set the precedent that the integrity of the college admissions process must be preserved. However, how can we hope to move forward and progress as a nation when we repeatedly choose to analyze our problems at face value?

America, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. This isn’t the first time, nor the last, that a corruption scandal of this magnitude will be brought to the surface. The reason is simple: we are always falling into the trap of using narrow minded judgement for multilayered problems.

In the case of today’s college admissions scandal, we are too quick to lay judgement and simply call it a day. Instead, the question we need to be asking ourselves is why as a collective society we are quick to label today’s scandal as “corruption” yet not label similar activities as being just as corrupt. In other words, we need to connect the proverbial dots here. Take lobbying for example. Are lobbyists not doing the exact same thing as William Singer and all of the parents involved in the scandal?

The actions of William Singer and all associated are clearly wrong and must be held accountable. Yet, why do just bat a blind eye when lobbyists use money to buy influence from politicians. Notice how one activity is considered absolutely legal while another corrupt and illegal. In reality, William Singer is just another lobbyist buying influence from a third party, in this case university officials and testing agencies.

The overarching question that we as an American populace must ask ourselves is where is the line drawn between straight up corruption and lobbying? If we ever hope to advance as a nation, we must learn to give equal judgement and look wholeheartedly at our current problems. Once we begin this process of holistic review, only then can we ensure the integrity of not just our academic system, but or country as a whole.

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