Sweeter than honey: University of Vermont recipient of major anonymous donation

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Anonymous donor gives away half-a-million big ones to study bees

According to https://www.wcax.com/, the local Burlington news station, The University of Vermont has just hit the jackpot through a series of recent research specific donations.

There is no doubt which of these donations packed the most punch. Earlier this month, the university received an anonymous donation of half-a-million dollars to go toward bee research. Yes, you read that correctly, five hundred thousand dollars! Even more surprising is the fact the university had no idea that the donation was even coming! Talk about a sweet deal.

According to the Gund Institute for Environment at the University of Vermont, Director Taylor Ricketts details, “It was a surprise to us too actually. It was just an individual who was really concerned about bees and all the work they do for us and for our economies and our food systems. And we're just delighted that they had the interest to support them.”

 So, who could be this wealthy mystery individual? As an anonymous donor, it sure does raise a lot of questions. Is it really possible to be so passionate about a field of research and yet deny any credit for helping this research develop on a large scale? Better yet, who has a half-a-million bucks just to donate it so freely?

Is it someone shocked about honey pricing escalation? A mother over-concerned about the allergies related to pollen?

In the end, it’s all speculation. The reality is that some generous individual is half-a-million dollars less rich, and that some serious pollen research is going to take place this spring at the University of Vermont.

Source: WCAX-TV

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