Tips for Staying Healthy While Earning Your Degree Online

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Staying healthy is a top priority for all college and university students, regardless of whether they are studying on-campus or studying online. Let’s talk about 3 tips for staying healthy and organized so that you can take the fullest advantage of your online career degree!

Pursuing an online degree in order to advance your higher education career is a wonderful option for students that think about attending an online college or online university. These days, online learning programs give college students the chance to earn bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, PhDs, associate degrees, and certificates completely online. There are several advantages to earning degrees online. 

Studying online grants college students a great deal of flexibility and independence. They do not need to be present at specific places at specific times. They do not need to make a daily commute. Online college and online university students can decide when they want to watch certain modules. They can decide when they want to participate in online class discussions. 

When it comes to studying online, it is equally important to create the ideal space for you so that you can be healthy and successful. We’ve got three tips on how to prioritize your mental health in order to get the most out of your online degree.

1. Find a Quiet Space and Eliminate Distractions
If you are responsible for creating your own weekly schedule, then you will be responsible for creating your own space for completing all the tasks associated with earning your online degree. 

We highly suggest that you find a quiet space and time. You should feel relaxed. You should have peace and minimal noise and distractions. It is a good idea to set apart a specific corner of your home where you can you have your own “quiet zone”. Discussing the rules of a “quiet zone” or a “peaceful zone” with the others that you live with will help you achieve the peace necessary to concentrate in the space of your choosing.

Eliminate distractions! Dedicate specific blocks of time, away from work and personal commitments such as friends or family, in order to focus on studying and completing schoolwork. 

Sitting by yourself at a table, without your cellphone, is one way to focus. Cut off electronics! Turning off cellphones and TVs is key to working without distractions.

Finding a quiet space and working without distractions helps you stay healthy because it gives you the right environment to study. 

2. Takes Breaks and Stay Healthy
We highly recommend taking frequent, short breaks! Spending too much time seated with a computer does get tiring. Stepping away for a few minutes every hour or few hours helps your mind and brain rejuvenate themselves.

These breaks can look like quick walk breaks outside in order to help you revitalize. Set blocks of work time where you don’t let yourself distracted. If a thought pops into your head, you can write it down somewhere and leave it for later. 

We find that taking quick walks can be really helpful. Earning an online bachelor’s, online master’s, online doctorate, or online PhD requires hours and hours of time with your laptop or computer. Making the time to go outside and take a breath of fresh air is highly recommendable. 

Eat well, sleep well, and take physical breaks! Taking the time to prepare yourself a good meal and exercise is valuable. Although it might seem to take up time, it will help you stay focused and healthy in the long run as you complete your online degree and pursue your online career.

Stay hydrated and don’t forget to drink water. Sleep well and get rest.

3. Connect with Others and Ask Questions
One of the most common stereotypes regarding online education is that you are on your own. This is not true! You have an online community in every single module you take. As you have chosen an online education, you know that reaping the benefits of an online college and online university requires more independence and proactiveness from you as a student. Use the online portals, discussion boards, Facebook groups, and other media outlets in order to connect with your online peers! 

Online classrooms always include a classroom participation and discussion element provided through an online format. Use these discussion spaces to actively participate and do not be afraid to ask questions when they come up in your mind! Your professor and peers will note your curiosity and level of participation. 

Earning an online bachelor’s, online master’s, online doctorate, or online PhD requires a lot of independence from college and university students. In order to stay healthy as you earn your online degree, remember to find a quiet space and eliminate distractions, take breaks and stay healthy, and connect with others and ask questions. 

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