How to Get Through a PhD

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Studying a PhD is not an easy task! But here are some tips you can take into account that will help you get through it.

When studying to earn a PhD, you should take these tips into account, as they will help you get through it in an easier way.

What is a PhD?

A Doctor of Philosophy, also known as PhD, is the highest academic degree awarded after a course of study. A PhD is the peak of an individual’s formal academic training.

Earning a PhD brings about many benefits for a professional’s career and personal life, as they might see it as a personal journey. However, it is definitely a tiring process that requires plenty of time, money and effort, and even though it can bring about many benefits for professionals, many students find the process extremely stressful.

During the four years of independent research, students need adaptation, independent thinking, constant learning and responsibility, and self-accountability in order to make sure they produce a meaningful and original contribution. Because of all the effort and time it requires, this can be an exhausting process, both mentally and physically. 

Here are some tips you can take into account when doing a PhD that may help you go through this exhausting process in an easier way:

Do something you enjoy at least once a week

It can be hard to think about something else when we have so much reading, studying or researching to do, but finding a little time for yourself and doing something you really enjoy will enable you to go back to business with a clearer mind. Otherwise, you will find sooner or later that you are not only suffering the process but not making so much progress, as you are craving for something fun.

Take care of yourself

Your health must be your top priority all of the time, but it can be hard to take care of yourself when you have so much to get done! However, finding the time to take care of yourself, exercise and eat healthily will help you find a balance and stay healthy. On top of that, you will find it easier to relax and get your mind off for a bit when you exercise. 

If you don’t like exercising, going for a walk across your neighbourhood or a park will be enough to give your mind a break while staying healthy.

Write regularly

Doing research requires constant reading, but there comes a time when you have to start writing. It is essential that you don’t leave it all until the last minute because the most thorough pieces of writing are done through a long period of time. 

Observe everything around you

When doing research, observation and attention to detail are essential skills! Observing everything around you, from the smallest things to the biggest picture, will help you make real progress. It is important that you learn to detach from what you observe as well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep your mind off your research, but make sure you polish your observation skills.

These are some tips you can take into account when studying a PhD, as they may help you get through this tiring process in an easier and more effective way! 

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