Is a PhD Worth it?

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

If you are considering pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy but you are not sure whether it is necessary and worth the time, effort and money invested, you’ve come to the right place. 

What is a PhD?

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a globally recognized postgraduate degree. It is awarded by universities to a student who has submitted a thesis or dissertation after extensive research in a field of their choice. 

A PhD is the highest level of education you can achieve and it provides you with a great deal of opportunities you should be aware of. In general, people who go on to study a PhD have already earned a Master’s degree, although some institutions accept students with a Bachelor’s degree to pursue a PhD. 

There are some institutions that allow students to upgrade or fast-track their master’s degree to a PhD if they possess the necessary grades, knowledge, skills and research abilities. 

These degrees generally take three to four years of full-time study and research to complete. During their Doctor of Philosophy, students complete a piece of original research that is presented as a thesis or dissertation that may end up being published. 

PhD students were traditionally expected to study on campus. But, since the majority of PhD students are already working, this meant that many professionals couldn’t pursue them because they couldn't or didn’t want to stop working for three or four years to earn a PhD. However, thanks to distance learning, more and more professionals are able to pursue their PhD, acquire deeper knowledge on their field and earn skills that allow them to become better professionals and advance in their careers at the same time. 

This process has been accelerated because of the pandemic, since the whole world had to stay home to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus but people had to go on with their lives, which led to what the whole world experienced during last year and is still experiencing now: Massive distance learning, which is here to stay. 

Why Pursue a Doctor of Philosophy?

Many professionals consider that a PhD is not worth the time and money invested in earning it because they believe it is only meant for those who want to pursue a career in academia. Even though it is partly true, there are many other benefits that earning a PhD brings about and you should be aware of them if you are on the fence about it:

  • Gain Transferable Skills

During the study of a PhD, students acquire transferable skills that are held dear by employers. You may be able to acquire new and fresh skills that allow you to be better regarded by your employers or by new ones. 

These degrees teach students to be team players, to solve problems, to have communication skills and develop a critical and analytical mind. 

In addition to that, earning a PhD shows your commitment to grow and improve yourself, which is also considered as a sign of perseverance. 

  • Upgrade your Knowledge

Many areas and industries are subject to changes and improvements all the time, and even though working in a certain industry allows us to keep track of and adapt to those changes, a PhD allows you to update and upgrade the knowledge you acquired during your bachelor’s or your master’s degree. This means you will be up to date with the latest innovations and developments in the field and you’ll be able to provide the industry with new skills and knowledge. Plus, the research you performed during your studies may make a huge difference and provide the industry with innovative and necessary information, which is the next benefit.

  • Provide Innovations to the field

PhDs are extremely important to the knowledge economy, meaning that the research you decide to do may end up providing your industry or many industries with important information that is necessary for the development and improvement of society or the field you work for. 

You can make a real difference with what you end up discovering, which will be extremely rewarding to you.

These are some of the reasons why you should pursue a PhD, in addition to being a well-respected professional. 

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