Online Learning: 8 Ways To Stay Organized

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Online Learning: 8 Ways To Stay Organized

Online education and online college classes grant a huge deal of flexibility and independence to online students. Without face-to-face contact with professors and other students, it is up to online students to keep themselves on track. 

Check out these seven organizational tips to make sure you stay on top of your online classes!

1. Find a quiet space to attend online classes.

When taking an online class, the classroom goes with you wherever you go. Find a peaceful place that is free from distraction and provides enough room for you to take notes either on your computer or by hand. You will want to have a power outlet nearby so that you can charge your device while staying logged on.

Classes may be live or recorded. There may be times when your professors ask you to turn your webcam or microphone on to participate during the session.

2. Put together an effective workspace for studying.

It can be all too tempting to relax too much while studying. Try to put aside a dedicated workspace that is separate from places where you rest or lounge about such as your bedroom or the couch. Select an area that you associate with learning.

Try to store your school materials in an organized container like a rolling cart or a backpack.

3. Make sure your online learning study space is comfortable.

Make sure you have a comfortable chair and desk to work on at home. Maintaining a comfortable physical posture can help you stay focused mentally on your online classes.

4. Keep files organized on your computer.

Course materials should be easily accessible whenever you need them. Online students can organize files and documents on their computers with separate desktop folders for each class. Remember to use descriptive names when saving documents so you can easily find them later on.

5. Schedule time efficiently.

When you enroll in an online college class, make sure you familiarize yourself with the syllabus, class requirements and assignment due dates in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. Use a calendar—paper or virtual—to keep track of deadlines.

6. Stay organized online.

Make sure you stay focused when you are dedicating time to your online classes. Avoid having social media applications or things like Netflix open while you are taking class or studying. The internet can be quite a huge distraction if you do not take care to organize your internet browser tabs.

7. Establish a routine.

Make your own online study schedule for each course! Organize your weekly and daily schedule so that you can stay on top of what it is that you need to do.

8. Have a support system!

Reach out to your friends and family and share your experience with them. They can help provide a shoulder to lean on when you are feeling drained or tired. They will also congratulate you when you share your achievements!

Make use of online college study groups as well.

Reach out to your online college professors when you need help. Don’t be shy to ask for it!

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