Prepping For The SAT And ACT During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Use the following tips to keep preparing for the SAT and ACT as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

The novel coronavirus pandemic, which results in the COVID-19 disease, has changed all aspects of daily life. Higher education institutions have not had any exception. Government regulations at the federal and state level have mandated the closure of many establishments in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. This includes K-12 schools and colleges.

This global public health crisis has also prompted the cancellation of the May 2 and June 6 SAT, the addition of a 2020 SAT test date on September 26, and the addition of two new ACT exam dates on June 20 and July 25. Planned dates for June 13 and July 18 remain in place.

As of May 15, ACT test creators have not yet decided if the June 13 exam will be cancelled as was the April 4 exam.

ACT and SAT creators announced plans to provide a digital testing option that could become available this fall. College Board will only extend this option for the SAT if high schools remain closed in the fall. The ACT intends to offer a digital option regardless of coronavirus changes.

High school students who are preparing for these college entrance exams can and still should prepare. They should be aware of changes that test-takers should take.

For example, students should take advantage of the extra time they now have on their hands since in-school classes have been cancelled.

Students should also register for a new test date as soon as they can. This will help set a deadline and will then help students set their own goals.

Students can also join a virtual study group as distance learning is definitely the safest way for students to continue studying. Virtual study groups can help students stay on track.

Students may have had their daily routine turned somewhat upside down due to the coronavirus. However, this does not have to affect their productivity. Find a relaxing space and stay focused on your preparations. Taking frequent breaks is also recommended. It is particularly important to reward yourself with breaks.

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