Psychiatric Technician License: Key Characteristics

Friday, April 28, 2023

For those interested in health, mental health is one of the most important areas to focus on. By becoming a licensed psychiatric technician you will be able to help patients overcome the major issues in their lives.

In the mental health field, we can find several areas of study and different professions to practice. With the right education and training, you can become a specialized psychologist in many fields such as sports, family, children, and adults psychologist. On the other hand, if you get further education, you can become a licensed psychiatric technician. 

What is a Licensed Psychiatric Technician? 

A licensed psychiatric technician is a health professional responsible for providing care for patients with mental and behavioral health issues. They monitor and assist patients in daily activities. One characteristic of psychiatric technicians is that they might work together with other health professionals such as physicians, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, and more. 

What is the Role of a Licensed Psychiatric Technician? 

These health professionals are in charge of the following: 

  • observe and record patient behavior 
  • listen to the patient’s problems and daily issues
  • administer medication in case it is needed
  • follow the treatment prescribed by doctors 
  • accompany patients in the treatment 
  • have conversations or play games with them if necessary 
  • restrain any violent patient 

How to Get a Psychiatric Technician License? 

In the United States, getting a psychiatric technician license takes some time and effort. The main requirement is that you earn a certificate or associate degree in psychology, medical technology, or psychiatric technology. This can be obtained in any accredited university in the country. Once you have completed your associate degree, you can go on and pursue a psychiatric technician license. Some states require licensure, which can be acquired through the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians.

What are the Requirements? 

As in any degree, certain skills are required to ensure professionalism. If you decide to become a licensed psychiatric technician, you should grow the following skills: 

  • Good communication to communicate with your patients efficiently, taking care of the choice of words to inform them of any diagnosis or advice. 
  • Empathy to fully understand what other people are feeling and put yourself in other’s shoes.
  • Attention to detail since every word that the patient says is important for the treatment. 
  • Physical strength, since in some cases psychiatrists have to lift and move their patients. 
  • Time management because psychiatrist technicians have to spend most of their time attending to their patients’ calls.  

If you find mental health an inspiring profession and you consider that you have all these skills, you should become a licensed psychiatrist technician. 

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