What is the difference between an Associate’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree?

Friday, January 15, 2021

Not sure whether you should earn an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree? Find out more about the difference between the two programs.

Are you a working professional who is considering going back to school? Not sure whether an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree is the right fit for you? If you aren’t quite sure, keep on reading and we will try to lend a hand as you make this important life decision.

What is the difference between an Associate’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree?

Four-year bachelor’s degrees are an expensive and timing consuming investment, but they can lead the way to more jobs in the long-run. Two-year associate degrees are highly affordable and less time consuming, which put you on the fast-track pathway to working as an entry-level professional with stable income. Whether one is better for you than the other may also depend on where you would like to take your professional and academic journey.

An ASSOCIATE DEGREE can help put you on the fast track to working as an entry-level professional in the field of your choosing. Within two years, you can boost your employee profile and make yourself more marketable in the employee market of your preferred industry. 

The courses that you will take in associate degree program, whether you choose to enroll in a traditional program or an online program taught through distance learning, will be highly focused on technical and professional skills. 

In most cases, the credits that you earn from your associate’s degree can be applied and transferred to count for credits in a bachelor’s degree if you choose to continue studying later on.

Remember that there are two kinds of associate degrees.
  1. One type of associate degree is highly specialized and focuses specifically on technical and vocational coursework. This type of associate degree is useful for students who want to train for specific job titles.
  2. Another type of associate degree is focused in general studies. This associate degree does not have any particular focus or declared major. This type of associate degree is perfect for students who look to complete a bachelor’s degree in the future.

A BACHELOR’S DEGREE is typically earned within four years of full-time study. Bachelor’s degrees—both traditional, on-campus degrees and online bachelor’s degrees—are more expensive than associate degrees and take twice as much time to complete. 

The education one receives in a bachelor’s degree will include more general education courses. Students will most likely take a number of elective courses as well. As it is more well-rounded, the bachelor’s degree can help open doors to a wide range of professions later on after completion of the four-year program. 

Looking for more guidance when it comes to making this important decision? Learn more about how to decide whether an associate degree or a bachelor's degree is best for you.

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