Why Pursue a Humanities Degree?

Monday, September 13, 2021

We always hear about the humanities, but many people don’t even know what they are. Here are the 7 best career options related to humanities and everything you need to know about these disciplines.

Degrees related to technology, business and health are among the most popular ones when it comes to choosing what to study. Many people don’t even consider the humanities because they believe these degrees are not in-demand or well-paid. However, many of them are not even aware of which degrees or career options are related to the humanities and that many of them are currently in high demand.

In fact, the demand, the job opportunities, and the salaries of humanities degrees are increasing, and there is a wide range of options available for students to choose from.

When choosing what to study, it is extremely important to choose a degree that enables you to have a comfortable living and a wide range of career options. However, that is not all that matters: Being interested in what you study and will later on do is also important.

For those interested in learning more about humanities and social sciences, below are the best 7 degrees in Humanities. But, first, let’s dig a little deeper into the field:

What is the Humanities stream?

Humanities is an academic discipline that involves the study of the human world and society from a critical perspective. There are many different aspects involved in the study of humanities, including anthropology, archaeology, human history, ancient and modern linguistics, languages, law, politics, literature, philosophy, religion, performing, and visual arts, and much more.

All of these disciplines study the various aspects of human functioning using a critical, philosophical, and analytical approach.  

Those who study any of the disciplines in humanities develop great skills that enable them to become demanded professionals, including oral and written communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving, analytical reasoning, among many others.

Best 7 Career Options in Humanities

Below you’ll find the best humanities disciplines and the degrees you need to earn to pursue that career path:

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