Sports Industry will grow significantly as Big Tech invests in Live Sports

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

The multi-million dollar sports industry will experience major growth as tech titans like Apple and Amazon buy rights for Live Sports. With this scenario experts in Sports Management are more in demand than ever. Find the best bachelor’s degrees online in the US.

Ten years after tech titans such as Apple and Amazon upended the music and retail industries in the U.S., they now have their eyes set on a new industry that is ready for change: live sports.

The already multi-million dollar industry will receive a new boost with even more reach and more fans thanks to the impact of streaming platforms. The sports industry is expected to grow even more in every single branch.

 Markets are expected to reach $77.6 billion by 2026 and this is only in Youth sports. The $24.9 billion global youth sports market is expected to rise significantly like so many other markets part of the sports industry rivaling the well known $15 billion NFL titan, according to a report cited at

 So more professionals in the field will be appreciated and well remunerated. If sports is something you have your eye on, a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management might be your ticket to this billion-dollar industry. Students keen to learn will also find in this article the best online degrees and university programs they can enroll in from anywhere in the states.


Why is Big Tech investing significantly in Live Sports?

Apple and Amazon have entered negotiations for the media rights held by the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball, Formula One (F1) racing, and college conferences, feeling empowered by their vast finances and wanting to increase viewership of their streaming-subscription services.

As explained in an article by the New York Times, NFL Sunday Ticket Rights are expected to sell for more than $2.5 billion a year.

It may be difficult for broadcast and cable companies that "aren't playing by the same financial rules" to compete for the rights to show games from the N.F.L. and other leagues.

Nevertheless, the excitement brings more investments in other areas and now more than ever experts in the field are required in sports. Now is the time to learn and take one step closer to get into this growing industry.

Why should you study Sports Management?

Whether you are a sports fan or not one thing is clear and that is training is the secret to success. And so studying an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Sports might be exactly what you are looking for.

A Sports Management career will allowed you to:

  • Make decisions strategically to assist a sports business in achieving its goals.
  • Establish connections between various sports business sectors.
  • Put sport management principles to use in a global setting.
  • Recognize the significance of social responsibility in the sports industry.
  • Examine the effects of social, cultural, and political factors on sports enterprises.
  • Apply your coursework to real-world issues.
  • Most of the instructors for your sports management courses are experts in the area. As a result, courses include state-of-the-art learning tools to aid in your preparation.

Best Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Sports Management


 Graduates of Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sports Management program are prepared for future positions in the sports industry. In 15 weeks they’ll learn about planning sports events, marketing, sales, management, finance, economics, and accounting which are among the subjects included in a degree in sports management.

Graduates with a degree in sports management have a wide range of employment choices because the degree is not limited to any one sport.

The BS in Sports Management degree graduates are prepared for employment at the amateur, collegiate, and professional levels of sports. Careers in sports management demand both specialized athletic knowledge and broad commercial skills like critical thinking and problem-solving.


The School of Business at Liberty University provides a fully online Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sports Management with a focus on sport communication and public relations. The bachelor's degree program can be completed entirely online.

Students will learn how to comprehend the essential elements of sports administration through the online sports management degree program in 4 years.

Online students can combine their love of sports with a passion for social media, communications, and public relations thanks to the degree emphasis in Sports Communication and Public Relations.

Students pursuing a bachelor's degree online in sports marketing and media will learn how to use social media platforms effectively. Additionally, they will research the most recent technological developments in sports administration, preparing you to communicate with them.

The School of Business at Liberty University provides a completely online Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sports Management - General degree program through Liberty University Online. The bachelor's degree program can be completed entirely online in 4 years or less.

Students will learn how to comprehend the essential elements of sports administration through the online sports management degree program.

The General Track provides additional flexibility by letting online students study the courses that most appeal to them, allowing them to tailor their degree to their own objectives and interests.


The Recreation Sports Administration Program prepares students for jobs in sport management and leisure services. The profession places a lot of emphasis on management, planning, programming, and leadership in 4 years.

Graduate students will be able to interact with customers and other staff members efficiently. They will also be able to demonstrate professional practices for recreation sport management that are ethical and responsible.

This course is offered full-time. In addition to the 44 semester hours required for the recreation major, students must complete 44 semester hours of general education coursework.


With an online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Sport Management degree, you may turn your love of sports into a career. For more than 25 years, this cutting-edge bachelor's degree program has been training students for employment in sports.

The sports business is still developing. You can change that by getting an online sports management degree from SNHU. You'll enroll in a variety of business, liberal arts, and sports management courses while gaining practical work experience that will help you succeed. You can equip yourself to meet the rigors of a job in sports by earning a degree in sports management.

A culmination of your degree will be the chance for practical, real-world experiences. You will be able to investigate options for internships or experiential learning, putting your sport management skills learned through your courses to real industry challenges and opportunities, with the assistance of your teachers, academic advising, and career services.


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