Bachelor Degree Spotlight: Communication Studies

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies prepares you to enter the career of your desire with the skills necessary to communicate effectively on multiple levels. A bachelor degree in communication studies also helps open doors to master programs and doctorate or doctoral degree programs. It will set you up for success in whichever profession you choose as well as give you a boost in climbing the higher education ladder.

What does a bachelor degree in communications studies entail? 
A bachelor’s degree in communications studies should prepare students to defend arguments both orally and in writing. They will understand how to take advantage of communications technologies like e-mail and telecommunications software. They will also be able to know how to apply interpersonal communications skills in culturally diverse groups. 

Students will be experts in oral presentations, non-verbal communication skills, decision-making, organizational communication, and pronunciation. They will also study interpretation, articulation, socialization, rhetoric, and media industry studies. 

A bachelor degree program offered at any one of the U.S.’ hundreds of top colleges and universities will teach students communication theories that explain how people listen, understand, and think. The areas of focus can include semantics, nonverbal communications, and group dynamics. Students will investigate the ways in which dialogue and written communication affect personal, professional, and political dimensions of contemporary life. You should also be able to earn this bachelor's degree through online career or online learning programs.

This bachelor's degree will teach students how to analyze different communication styles. Examples of course topics in this bachelor's degree include debate and argumentation; interpersonal communication; behavioral science; voice, diction, and articulation; and written communication.

What are the career options for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in communication studies?
Writer or author
Public relations assistant
Broadcast assistant
Public information officer
Market researcher
Media analyst
Political speechwriter
Director of communications
Organization spokesperson
As stated, a bachelor's degree in communication studies can open the door to a wide variety of careers. Graduates can find jobs in the private, government, and non-profit sectors. This bachelor's degree can also be earned through online career and online learning options.

Dana Bash (B.A., Political Communication) is a Chief Political Correspondent at CNN News. She is a journalist and anchorwoman for CNN and serves as the network’s chief political correspondent. She plays key roles in election coverages. She has served as a White House and Capitol Hill correspondent. 

Robert Addison Lampley (B.A., Communication; J.D.) is an Assistant Director at the Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity in Central Michigan University. He investigates civil rights-based claims of harassment and discrimination that occur within the university community. He also works with students and student organizations. He provides training on university policies involving civil rights and equity.

In addition to working as an accredited professional in the field of communications, students will also be able to pursue careers in higher education with a masters or Phd program. This may mean applying to a master's program and/or a doctorate or doctoral degree program. Earning the bachelor's degree is a sure stepping stone to earning your master's degree or doctoral degree/PhD in the future. With a master's or a doctorate/doctoral degree/PhD, you will be able to postulate yourself for high paying positions in top colleges and universities around the world. A doctorate/doctoral degree/PhD demonstrates that you have a strong commitment to higher education and research. With a doctorate/doctoral degree/PhD in the field of your choice, you will have access to high paying jobs and resources to conduct the research that interests you. A master's program is a step to opening career doors as well. 

Can I earn this bachelor's degree online?
The answer is yes! Several of the top colleges and universities in the U.S. offer online bachelor's degrees in communications studies through online career and online learning programs. These online career and online learning options allow students to earn a bachelor's degree of their choice with the flexibility of online learning. An online career gives you flexibility. 

What is the average salary?
A communications graduate that works as a public relations specialist earns an average of $68,440 annually as of 2018. 

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