Veterinary Science: What activities do the graduates of this degree perform?

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

We will explain to you in detail the activities performed by a veterinarian and where to study for a degree in Veterinary Science

As a child, we all dreamt about being a veterinarian. Of course, as a child, we thought that being a veterinarian was only about spending time with cats and dogs, giving them a bath and healing them from basic sicknesses. The truth is, that dream, throughout the years, became more and more distant and ended up being dropped by most of us. 

Being a veterinarian requires a huge amount of social compromise with animals and those related to them. The professional has to be prepared to handle difficult situations, such as death or sickness and making hard decisions. 

What does this mean? Vocation is an important aspect in these types of bachelor degrees. Love and interest for animals should be one of the most important motivations for the professional. If you think you have the calling to be a professional that takes care of the lives of animals, you can study a bachelor degree in Veterinary Science. Find out what are the activities performed by the professionals.

Activities performed by a veterinarian


The first thing you do when your pet is not feeling right is take it to the vet to see what is wrong with it. The main activity is to diagnose it and see what is threatening the animal’s health. From that point on, the veterinarian will evaluate how bad the problem is and how to proceed.


After the diagnosis, the veterinarian determines what is wrong with the pet. If there is something wrong, there is a good chance that he will prescribe some medications to the pet so he can feel a little bit better. 


Apart from the diagnosis, there are several times in which a veterinarian has to do much more than physical examinations. Sometimes, he has to apply vaccines, collect tissue, feces or blood and take x-rays or different scans. All of these is made also to get a better diagnosis and thus, be able to prescribe the best medication for the animal. 


Most of the veterinarians perform surgeries needed to the pet. The most common is the one that the vet performs to have the pet neutered. There are lots of different surgeries that can be made according to the problem of the animal and according to the diagnosis previously made by the vet, for example, tumor removals, tooth extractions and more.

Farm animals

Some veterinarians specialize in farm animals. Needless to say, these animals are totally different to pets and other activities have to be made to guarantee the best health situation for the animal.

Veterinary advice

Every time you need advice or if you have doubts about what your pet’s needs are, do not doubt consulting a veterinarian. Whether it is a health problem or a behavioral problem. For example, your pet might act in a strange way and that is something you would like to consult with a veterinarian

Of course, there are lots of new things that a veterinary science student will learn during his process to get a degree. But those previously mentioned are the most important activities realized by graduates of the bachelor degree in veterinary sciences. Do you have the calling? Do you want to spend your life saving and taking care of animals? 

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