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Beal College is a small private proprietary college located in Bangor, Maine, USA.

Founded in 1891, the College was originally named Bangor Business College but was later named after its primary founder, Mary Beal. It was first located in downtown Bangor, before later moving to a larger facility in 1972. Beal moved to a new campus in 2004.

The Latin motto on Beal College's seal is "sed vitae discimus", a short form of Non scholae, sed vitae discimus. This Latin phrase is apt for a career college as it translates "We do not learn for the school, but for life", meaning that one should not gain knowledge and skill to please a teacher or master, but because of the benefits they will gain in their life.

Beal College's mission is to become partners with our students in their journey to improve their career opportunities through the contemporary academic programs offered at Beal College.

Our college will become the region's premier career college by focusing on academic programs and associated student support services that are both qualitatively and quantitatively effective.

The Beal College is a Private university located in Bangor.
The Beal College was founded in 1891.
The current president of Beal College is Allen T. Stehle.
Listed here are more than 1 Beal College undergraduate programs.

The Beal College business school provides management education through programs designed to equip future leaders with the tools for success in both corporate and public positions.
The Beal College offers a wide variety of business degrees, including, among others, the Associate of Business Administration and Management and the . Click here to see all Beal College Business Programs

Health Related Progams are available throughout Beal College’s health colleges and schools.
From undergraduate programs to residencies and fellowships, Beal College’s combination of classroom and hands-on medical training make Beal College’s health programs some of the most competitive in the country. Click here to see all Beal College Health Related Progams

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