Bridging Between Business, People, and Technology: BS in Management of Information Systems

Thursday, September 12, 2019

All the best colleges and universities offer a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Management Information Systems (MIS) that you can earn in person and online. This degree helps students develop business administration skills and information technology skills.

If you are interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in business, then you should know that there is a multitude of degree options to choose from! Interested in being the bridge between business, people, and technology? A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Management Information Systems (MIS) might just be the degree for you.

A BS in Management Information Systems (MIS) is a degree in which students learn basic business administration concepts while focusing on computer systems. MIS is a catch-all term that refers to how computerized information process systems are used to manage business operations. This major sets itself apart from information technology and computer science because there is a ton of focus on people and service through technology. This may make the MIS one of the best degrees for a business major to earn at a college or university.

Like all undergraduate business majors, MIS students will study the principles of accounting, introduction to business basics, legal and ethical environment of business, and principles of marketing. MIS students will understand basic marketing techniques, organizational concepts and issues, contracts and negotiations, and the fundamental accounting concepts that drive business decisions. Studying an MIS might help you to stand out from the average business major.

In addition to these basic fundamentals of business, MIS students will study subjects such as computer science, database management, data analysis, and business data warehousing. Students may also study microeconomics, business finance, C++ programming, accounting, statistics, web systems development, electronic commerce, electronic communication, and global information systems management. All of the best colleges and universities will offer this degree.

The technology focus allows graduates to apply their knowledge of computer technology and understanding of basic business concepts to leadership and management positions. Some of the positions that students end up working in include IT developer, data analyst, security specialist, and computer systems manager. Other positions include business analyst, computer systems analyst, database administrator, information security analyst, and web developer. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), median wages in May 2015 were around $131,600 for computer and information system managers while the median wages were $85,800 for computer systems analysts.

One of the best online university programs for earning a BS in MIS? 
East Carolina University, College of Business
Online BS in MIS 
The MIS online program combines business and computing in order to provide students with the skills necessary to solve business problems in technology-based environments. Students will learn how to analyze and design effective information systems, successfully manage and direct software projects, and develop creative business solutions. All of this is done while focusing on the role that computers play in human settings. All organizations, whether large or small, local or international, depend on solid information and information systems. 

The curriculum features 36 hours of instruction in general business courses, such as accounting, finance, and strategic management, while the constructions provides a study of database management, software design, and information systems.

ECU requires students to complete a nine-hour sequence in professional development and leadership. They also complete a portfolio that showcases projects and expertise for students’ use when seeking employment. 

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