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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Thinking about pursuing an online master degree in communication studies? Gonzaga University has one of the top online masters programs in communication and leadership. Click to find out more about this unique program offering.

Why pursue a master’s degree in global or international communication studies? Career experts in international communication have the ability and power to influence public legislation, manage the relationships between and within organizations, expand companies’ reach to consumers overseas, and advance the mission of human rights organizations that help people worldwide.

Graduate and postgraduate students learn how to write effectively for global audiences and study today’s most important global and intercultural issues. After earning a master degree in global communications, students can work as global communication consults, marketing and PR directors, public affairs specialists, journalists, and advocacy writers. A master degree can also be the stepping stone to entering a doctorate or doctoral degree program so that you can earn your PhD. Having a master degree in communication studies does not limit you to applying for doctorate or doctoral degrees only in communication studies. You can pursue whichever PhD program draws your attention. Students are often interested in pursuing doctorate or doctoral degree programs and PhDs in business administration, international relations, human resources management, organizational psychology, and other programs in addition to communication studies. 

The program at Gonzaga University (GU) has the added benefit of the online career option. You can pursue this master degree fully online through online learning. The online career option gives you flexibility to pursue your degree online.

Why pursue a master’s degree through online learning? If you are a working professional who cannot take the necessary amount of time off per week to attend master degree courses on-campus, a fully online master degree gives you the flexibility to achieve your goal of pursuing higher education while maintaining your own professional responsibilities. Master degrees are a serious personal, professional, and academic time and energy commitment. If you have family responsibilities or, for some reason, cannot make the daily commute, it also makes sense to pursue a master degree online. Choosing the online career pathway and earning your degree through online learning will allow you to have flexibility. But, keep in mind, this does not lessen the amount of energy and commitment necessary to succeed in a master degree program. 

Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University 
The Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University (GU) prepares students to understand audiences and communicate clear messages while deploying the tactics of persuasion and influence. This fully online master degree helps graduate students to sharpen their corporate communication skills. Students will be able to dive straight into data presentations or refine marketing plans. Graduate and postgraduate students leave with a profound understanding in audience analysis, message impact, communication of change, research evaluation, data interpretation, presentation skills, cultural awareness, negotiation, and problem-solving. 

This online master’s degree helps students sharpen communication skills that are needed in every industry. Career opportunities available for communication and leadership studies graduates include, but are not limited to, corporate communications, public relations, marketing manager, human resources manager, non-profit director, college professor, communications consultant, journalist, and content creator. Students at Gonzaga also has graduate students working at some of the top companies in the world including Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Starbucks, Nike, United Airlines, and NBC Universal, just to name a few. 

Concentration in Global Leadership
The Concentration in Global Leadership gives master communication students the chance to develop skills and confidence to lead in diverse and complex work environments. There is a focus on increased self-awareness and cultural sensitivity as grad students learn to adapt to different cultural contexts and negotiate meanings in unfamiliar environments. Students will be able to analyze and understand the impact of global issues on any given organization, formulate a vision for change, and respond to conflict and difference on interpersonal and organizational levels. 

Students will be required to study abroad in order to complete this concentration. A study abroad program cannot be completed online, this will require contact time. Program options include studying Development Communication in Cali, Colombia; Methods of Inquiry and Strategy for Contemporary Global Issues in Brussels, Belgium; and Understanding Europe in the Age of Uncertainty in Prague, Czech Republic. 

What doors does an online master degree in communication studies open? 
Earning your master degree online in communications will allow you to enter into several professional fields of your choosing. Earning the master's degree also opens doors in the ladder of higher education. This includes access to doctorate or doctoral degree programs that give you the chance to earn your PhD. Once more, if you earn a master degree in communications you will have a leg up when it comes to applying for doctorate or doctoral degree programs in order to earn your PhD. 

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