Top Online Universities For A Bachelors In International Business

Thursday, September 26, 2019

You have decided you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business? Are you interested in international business and the chance to earn your bachelor’s degree online? In this article, we take a quick look at five universities that offer online bachelor’s programs in international business. 

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in International Business
Main campus: Lynchburg, Virginia

Liberty University (LU) is the largest, private, nonprofit university in the nation and the largest Christian university in the world. LU also offers one of the best online bachelor’s degrees in international business. 

This program integrates faith with learning in a manner that prepares students to become experts in today’s world of business. Students are taught the importance of culture in the international world market, international trade, and law and business negotiation on a global magnitude. 

Students are also taught organizational behavior, business law, principles of marketing, contemporary issues in international business, global industries and operations, and export management strategy.

The program consists of 120 hours and graduates leave ready to earn a Master of Business Administration or start their career. Fun fact? LU Students have the lowest federal loan debt based on post-graduation earnings.

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Economics
Main campus: Hays, Kansas

Fort Hays State University (FHSU)’s Virtual College offers the best and least expensive online programs in the country. The university was founded in 1902 but since then has become a leader in online learning programs. 

FHSU offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business and Economics which allows students to gain expansive knowledge of global business. The online course is equally rigorous as an in-person course. Its coursework is integrative. This means that students are made to think critically and become familiar with interdisciplinary topics including, but not limited to, social justice, global environmental issues, and technology in society. Students are able to take courses in political science, sociology, geography, and/or a foreign language. 

This program consists of 124 credit hours. Students are essentially prepared to enter careers in business, government, and international agencies. FHSU carries a commitment to personal academic advising and offers live, on-demand, and online tutoring services to all its online students. 

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business
Main campus: Miami, Florida

Florida International University (FIU) is the largest university in the city of Miami with around 54,000 or more students enrolled on an annual basis. Many students have participated in FIU’s online learning programs since 1998.

FIU offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business that has a strong focus on the skills needed to have a successful career in global business. There is a strong overview of international business principles as well as basic business principles. Students also focus on information technology which is essential for business today. Examples of courses include Legal Environment of Business, International Financial Management, International Marketing, Global Logistics, and International Human Resources. 

The program is comprised of 120 credits. Each online student is paired up with a success coach meant to help students succeed and excel in their online programs. 

4) Davenport University
Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business
Main campus: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Davenport University (DU) offers several flexible, career-focused programs that help students earn their degrees and gain real-world experience at the same time. The university focuses on helping students launch successful careers which means that programs are structured around this purpose.

DU’s online Bachelor of Business Administration in international business takes a focus on teaching students the skills necessary to thrive and excel in a business world that is global and multicultural. This program is unique because it includes a course requirement in global geography and cultures. 

This program consists of 120 credits and has an interdisciplinary capstone course. DU sets itself apart with its study abroad programs that are made affordable. DU also offers study abroad programs that include international management internships. Students also have access to online tutors.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business
Main campus: Manchester, New Hampshire 

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is nationally recognized as a leader in distance education and online learning. SNHU enrolls over 3,000 students at its main camp us but has more than 80,000 students enrolled in online courses. 

SNHU’s online Bachelor of Science in International Management helps prepare students for careers in international business, where they will undoubtedly work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

The program consists of 120 credits. Students learn about different cultural, monetary, marketing, and management systems that are found in the international business world. All SNHU students benefit from career and academic advisers. All online class instructors are trained in online learning and online course delivery. 

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