Study Communications AND Study Abroad with New York University

Thursday, October 31, 2019

New York University offers incredibly unique bachelor degrees in communication studies that zoom in on some of today’s hottest topics. NYU also gives you the chance to study abroad and participate in global experiences. You may also be able to take some courses online to supplement your bachelor degree education.

New York University (NYU), a top college located in the heart of the city that never sleeps, offers a bachelor of science degree in communication studies with the opportunity to partake in complementary global education experiences. NYU also offers a select number of courses online so that students can partake in some distance learning online. 

This is a full-time bachelor degree that consists of 128 college credits. The department is grounded in liberal arts which means that students, while receiving rigorous training in research and scientific methods, will also be exposed to schools of thought from sociology, politics, and cultural studies. 

Apply for the Media, Cultural, and Communication (MCC) in Paris program!
The MCC in Paris program allows communication college students to advance their major studies while immersing themselves for a whole semester in one of the world’s capitals of art, media, fashion, and culture. 

Students will gain invaluable cultural fluency during their semester abroad in Paris. They will take customized courses taught by MCC faculty at the NYU Paris campus, located in the Latin Quarter. The undergraduate study coursework will be complemented by field trips to specific sites throughout the city. 

Students study various courses in communication studies as well as the French language. 

Global Media Scholars Program
The Global Media Scholars (GMS) program gives undergraduate communication college students the chance to immerse themselves in the study of media through NYU’s various academic sites abroad. This program combines courses and global experiences that allow students to analyze activities associated with the globalization of media and culture. 

Freshmen can apply online to the GMS program each spring. This is a two-semester program that involves one college semester at NYU Paris or NYU Prague followed by another semester abroad at NYU Buenos Aires or NYU Shanghai. 

In the fall semester of their senior year, students will enroll in a Senior Media Seminar. This is a capstone experience that is taught by an MCC faculty member in NYC, followed by travel to a third NYU global site. 

Participating in this college program will help students fulfill a Global and Transcultural concentration within the major. 

If you are interested in studying online, there should be some options available online for you to take a select number of courses online. 

What opportunities can I expect after earning a bachelor's degree at NYU?
A bachelor's degree at NYU is the first step in starting your career in communication studies. After earning this bachelor's degree, you can also think about pursuing a master's degree, a doctorate, a doctoral degree, or a PhD. Earning a master's degree will open up specific career options. Students with master degrees usually have access to higher salary jobs. If you are thinking about a master's degree, note that you can also earn this degree online. Several of the top colleges and universities in the U.S. offer master's degrees online through online learning programs. Earning a doctorate/doctoral degree or a PhD will open up doors to different career pathways. A doctorate/doctoral degree or a PhD are the highest levels of education that one can attain in higher education. The doctorate/doctoral degree and PhD are degrees that are highly research driven. With a doctorate/doctoral degree or a PhD, you will surely have access to state-of-the-art research facilities. 

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