In these Holidays, start thinking about your future: Find the Best Degrees in the US!

Health and Wellness from a Distance: What Kinds of Health Services are Available for Online Students?

    What kinds of health and wellness resources do online colleges and universities offer for online students? Let's go through the importance of health in educational institutions and how to help online students through their studies.

Tip of the Day: Avoid Online College Scams

    Interested in studying online? Great choice! There are many reasons why you should study a university degree through online learning, but make sure you avoid online college scams.

US Visa Status Tips for International College Students

    US higher education is known around the world for its top quality. For this reason, US universities attract a huge international student crowd. Obtaining a student visa is often one of the most stressful steps in the journey of becoming an international student in the US. If you have already completed this step, it will feel as if you have overcome a huge barrier. BUT WAIT—do not forget that you still must maintain the visa. This article provides tips on how to ensure that your studies are not interrupted.
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