The Do’s and Don'ts of Educational Software

    Wednesday, March 27, 2019

    If you’re a university looking to implement educational software into your academic core, you’ve come to the right place. With hundreds of potential educational software companies out there, check out our list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing the best educational software service for your university.

    The Do’s

    Have a solid system in place
    Strategy, strategy, strategy. If you’re looking to have success with educational software, having a solid game plan is an absolute must. Implementing an educational software service is truly only half the battle. A well developed plan for how educational software will take your academics to the next level must be the very first step before even beginning the search for potential educational software companies.

    The simpler the better
    Less is more. Look for an educational software service that has a simple, easy to use platform. Remember, an entire university including faculty and students will be utilizing this technology. Avoid platforms that are cluttered and inundated with unnecessary features, as these will assuredly lead to an unpleasant experience for faculty and students that use the platform on a daily basis.

    Options galore
    There is a surplus of educational software companies on the market. While this may seem pleasing at first, take into account that not all educational software companies will work well in your system. The best educational software companies are those that are chosen specifically for their unique compatibility to a university.

    Adaptability and evolution
    Education is always evolving. In order to keep up with the times and be relevant with technological trends, it is imperative that the educational software service chosen shows adaptive capabilities. A successful educational software service will know how to roll with the punches and be just as effective in the future as it is in the present.

    The Don’ts

    Ignore the terms and conditions
    Always be aware that the primary goal of an educational software company is to make a profit in the higher education market. Be aware of all the scenarios, terms and conditions, and fine print the educational software company has in place to charge as much as possible for their services. Thoroughly brief all potential educational software companies of how exactly you want their services to be used.

    Expect 100% customization
    In a perfect world, all educational software companies would allow for 100% customization and be personally tailored to fit any given university. Unfortunately, it is extremely costly for universities to demand customization services. Universities also have to take into consideration that the more customization they expect from an educational software company, the less likely the actual service will be as effective as it could be.

    Overlook the power of quality content
    Don’t expect that a simple, easy to use platform is all it takes for an educational software company to be successful. In reality, the educational software platform is no more than a vessel to deliver your educational content. If your educational content is not up to par, your educational software will not be effective.

    Lack IT support
    There will be bumps on the road as you implement and maintain your new educational software platform. Having IT support is crucial in order to troubleshoot and fix all technological issues that arise.

    Written by Samuel Ducoff