Program Spotlight: Online MBA in Sustainability and Environmental Compliance

Friday, August 30, 2019

You are passionate about working to save the environment. You are attracted to the world of business. There is a university program out there that can help you do both!

In this article, we talk about one of the best “green MBA's” offered at Southwestern New Hampshire University.

Our environment’s future and how we can work to sustain the planet through green living has long been a matter of great importance. As these global problems grow and the need for solutions increases, companies continue to seek professionals with master’s degrees in practices of sustainability. These Green MBAs, MBAs that focus on environmentally sustainable management, are a fast-growing specialization. There are Green MBA programs available online for those who are unable to relocate to a physical college campus. While not all universities offer Green MBA's, we can assure you that several of the best universities' business colleges do offer some kind of MBA program focused on the environment.

MBA in Sustainability and Environmental Compliance
Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)
According to, this program is one of the best online programs in sustainability offered by top universities in the U.S. in 2019. 

What does SNHU's program have to offer?
Master Green Business Practices with an MBA in Sustainability and Environmental Compliance
Learn about the environmental challenges facing businesses today and how those challenges influence strategy development in Southern New Hampshire University's Master of Business Administration in Sustainability and Environmental Compliance program. Designed for individuals who want to make a difference in the world, the MBA program teaches you how to apply practical solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing society now and in the foreseeable future.
  • SNHU's MBA program is one of the most affordable MBAs in the nation and can be completed in just over a year. The MBA in sustainability coursework will teach you the skills and knowledge you need to help your organization comply with constantly changing environmental laws and achieve sustainability goals. You'll discover how to build support for ecological strategies that make economic sense and learn how to be an advocate for positive change.
  • Program Objectives
  • By combining a solid foundation in business with a special emphasis on environmental issues, graduates leave with the ability to:
  • Understand how energy requirements affect society and the environment
  • Convey the practicality of addressing environmental issues as a more efficient way to do business
  • Critically examine energy-related issues and the ecological consequences of a given situation
  • Present accurate and cogent arguments to decision-makers that provide a diversity of perspectives
  • Make recommendations for regulatory responses and actions
  • Recognize the role that sustainability and environmental compliance play in community building, social engagement, civic participation, and political activism
  • Apply the knowledge to make a difference within an organization, a community, and society at large
Career Outlook
An online MBA program in Sustainability and Environmental Compliance will help you best prepare for several career prospects, including:
  • Large and small firms
  • Renewable energy and sustainability trade associations
  • Ecological advocacy organizations
  • Municipal and ecological regulatory agencies
With the growth of green jobs on the rise, fueled by the increasing interest in climate change and alternative energy, the career outlook is promising for anyone interested in environmental and sustainability careers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for environmental scientists and specialists is set to soar 11% through 2026 - faster than the national average. It is, therefore, no surprise that many of today's best universities offer programs, both online and in-person, to pursue higher education degrees concentrated on the environment. 

Tuition and Fees
Online Graduate Programs
Degree/Certificates: $1,881 USD per course, $627 USD per Credit Hour
Degree/Certificates (U.S. service members, both full and part-time, and the spouses of those on active duty): $1,410 USD per course, $470 USD per Credit Hour
Additional Costs
$40 USD Application Fee, $150 USD Graduation Fee, Course Materials ($ varies by course)

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