What’s all the buzz around Data Science?

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

5 reasons to earn an online degree in Data Science

Data scientists have become one of the century’s most in-demand professionals. Why? Companies across all industries—from business and healthcare to intelligence and energy production—are looking to hire data scientists that can analyze the copious amounts of data produced daily. 

Reason 1: Be on the Brink of Cutting-Edge Technologies!

It is an exciting time to study data science in a top online program! Whether you are looking to study at the undergraduate level or graduate level, you can be guaranteed exposure to the 21st century’s top technologies. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it may be like to be a technological pioneer, this line of study and work is definitely for you.

Reason 2: Job Security

Choosing to earn a degree in data science to pursue a career as a data scientist is a choice that prioritizes job security. In a world where technology and digital tools govern how we organize our lives, companies utilize data to construct and refine their processes as well as improve their business strategies.

Let’s say that in the future, you see yourself working in manager positions and leadership positions. Have no fear! The skills and knowledge you pick up as a data scientist will help make you a top leader who knows how to analyze data for the benefit of a company.

Reason 3: Great Salaries

Online students who earn online degree through online programs at online universities that choose to study data science go on to land top jobs with great salaries. Data scientists go on to earn high weekly earnings right after graduation.

As a top-tier and in-demand technology profession, data scientists are guaranteed a spot in a high reward job.

Reason 4: Numerous Employment Opportunities

As companies and organizations across all industries are looking for data scientists, it is of no surprise that there are many employment opportunities for data professionals.

Reason 5: International Demand

There are simply not enough data scientists in the world. In a report published by Indeed, there has been at least a 29% increase in worldwide demand for professionals who have a background or deep understanding of data science. The demand for data science experts is ever increasing in the U.S. and around the world. An online degree in data science can be your ticket to the world.

Data science is an exciting field that is constantly expanding and growing across the world.

An online degree in data science is the perfect way to get your foot in the door.

Check out a number of top degrees in data science below:

  1. Online Bachelor of Science in Data Science
  2. Online Master of Science in Applied Data Science
  3. Online Master of Science in Computer Science with an emphasis in Data Science
  4. Online Master of Science in Data Science
  5. Graduate Certificate of Science in Data Science and Analytics 

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