University of Delaware

University of Delaware

Master of Science in Geography

The Master of Science in Geography in Earth Sciences is offered by University of Delaware.

Program Length: 2 YEARS.

Subjects: 10.

In physical geography, the Department has a long tradition focusing on climatology, especially physical, synoptic, dynamic climatology, and all phases of water budget cycling. In addition, emphasis is placed on land surface processes, especially glacial and alpine environments, sea-ice dynamics, hydrology and ecosystem linkages.   Human Geography covers a broad range of environmental themes approached from cultural-historical, socio-economic and political perspectives.  Coupled human-environment systems examines linkages and processes between the biophysical environment and human societies with emphasis in environmental governance, conflicts over increasingly scarce resources, and human dimensions of climate change. Interdisciplinary work is encouraged from across the university and in collaborations with local, national, and international partners.

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