University of Michigan’s Global Opportunity for Undergraduate Business Students

Monday, September 16, 2019

The Michigan Ross school of business at the University of Michigan has been named as one of the best schools to attend in order to earn a bachelor’s degree in business. What’s another reason to consider applying for a business degree at this university? University of Michigan encourages its students to incorporate an international business experience into their education. Let’s check out the opportunities they offer.

“As a University of Michigan undergraduate, you have many ways to incorporate an international business experience into your education.

We encourage you to immerse yourself in different cultures, develop new perspectives, and realize that such experiences can have a lasting personal and professional impact. At Michigan Ross, we offer a variety of study abroad courses and programs that will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of international business and develop skills to be a leader who makes a positive difference in the world.”

What international experiences does the University of Michigan have to offer to its undergraduate business students?

These short-term programs invite undergraduate business students to gain a deep understanding of a specific international business topic by actively engaging in company visits, various cultural activities, international projects or interactive lessons with international business scholars and professionals that are currently working in the field. These programs are ideal for students who cannot, for any reason, study abroad for an entire semester. 

Corporate Strategy in China. Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, China.
Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in Croatia. Zagreb, Croatia.
Global FinTech Projects in London. London, UK.
History, Culture and Management of Luxury in Italy. Milan, Italy.
Sustainable Business in Switzerland: Decision-Making for the Triple-Bottom-Line. Zurich, Switzerland.

Global internships give undergraduate business students the chance to experience a distinct kind of professional growth. The chance to immerse oneself into a new culture and gain experience working in a major global business hub is invaluable.

Global Internship in Australia and New Zealand. Australia and New Zealand.
This internship allows students to take advantage of various internship placements at multinational corporations and influential government and non-government agencies. Students will be able to work on professional development, workplace experience, networking, and the development of skills highly relevant to their particular career interests.

Areas of Study: professional development, international business, strategy, cross-cultural studies

Global Internship in Hong Kong and Singapore. Hong Kong and Singapore.
This internship encourages business students to develop their knowledge on strategies for negotiation and business deals in Southeast Asia, a hot zone for the global business economy. Students will be able to expand their cross-cultural knowledge and gain a professional skills set that will help set them apart in the interconnected business world.

Areas of Study: Various career interests, international business, strategy, cross-cultural studies, Southeast Asia studies, career development

Ross C.K. Prahalad Fellowship
Emerging Economies
Students who participate in this fellowship will focus on the intersection of business and social value creation. This program is perfect for anyone interested in developing and furthering his or her vision during a global experience of their choice. 

Ross China Fellowship
China (including Hong Kong)
This fellowship invites students to complete a self-designed research project focused on the economic business market in China. Students will be encouraged to further their experience towards a professional goal with the cultural immersion in China.

Ross Global Fellowship 
International Locations
This fellowship is for students who are looking for financial aid to help them achieve their goal of embarking on an international program during the school year. 

Ross Sholk-Kaplan Fellowship
This fellowship invites students who have never been to Israel to have the chance to develop and work on an educational project that examines business practices in Israel. Israel is an important location, culturally and economically. Students are given the chance to practice action-based learning and immerse themselves into the culture in Israel.

The University of Michigan invites its undergraduate students to consider studying abroad at one of their many partner business schools for an entire semester. Students may be able to study at one of many top universities in cities such as Helsinki and Singapore. 

Of all the many international education opportunities offered by the University of Michigan, the global semester exchange is perhaps the longest in terms of length. This is exciting because it provides students with the chance to learn what it is like to study and live in a foreign country. 

An exchange experience, after all, allows undergraduate business students to learn about business from a different perspective, immerse themselves in a different culture, and expand their network to include students, faculty, and professionals from around the world.

Here’s a short list of partner universities! Keep in mind, there are over 25 universities to choose from!
  • University of Sydney, Australia.
  • Tsinghua University, China.
  • ESSEC Business School, France.
  • Reykjavik University, Iceland.
  • Tel Aviv University, Israel.
  • University of Padova, Italy.
  • Korea University Business School, Korea.
  • IES Barcelona, Spain.
  • Thammasat Business School, Thailand.

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