Interested in the environment? The University of Oklahoma offers several great master’s degree options!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Are you looking to earn a master’s degree in a field that is related to the environment? If you have already earned your bachelor’s degree, the University of Oklahoma offers several master’s degree options that you should check out right now!

The University of Oklahoma is a public research university in Norman, Oklahoma. It is ranked first among public universities in enrollment of National Merit Scholars and among the top ten in graduation of Rhodes Scholars. It has a high level of research activity which means that both undergraduate students earning their bachelor’s degrees and graduate students earning their master’s degrees, interested in top-level research should consider studying at one of the U.S.’s best public research universities.

The environment’s future is in everyone’s hands and it is up to today’s generation to sustain the planet through green living. As these global problems and issues grow, the need for solutions also increases. Companies and universities will continue to seek graduates with specializations in fields related to the environment so that they can achieve goals of reducing carbon emissions and engaging in environmentally friendly projects.

If you have already completed your undergraduate studies and earned your bachelor’s degree, you might be interested in continuing on to graduate studies and earning a master’s degree. Even if you have not earned a bachelor’s degree in a field related to the environment, it is never too late to start by looking into your master’s degree. Regardless of the bachelor’s degree you earned in your undergraduate studies, you can go on to study one of these top master’s programs in order to earn your master’s degree.

Let's check out a list of 6 environmentally conscious master's degrees offered the University of Oklahoma!

Learn how to understand the earth’s physical system while also learning about environmental economics, policy analysis and effective planning!

(2) Master of Arts in Geography 
Gain a professional grasp of the concepts and techniques of geography! Learn about the earth! 

(3) Master of Science in Geography
Like the Master of Arts in Geography, you can gain a professional grasp of the concepts and techniques of geography but with a focus on the physical and chemical aspects of geography.

(4) Master of Science in Geological Engineering
Interested in learning about the environment and specializing in a field of engineering? This may be one of the best master’s degree options for you!

(5) Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering
Studying petroleum engineering at the graduate level can help you to better understand how to reduce the environmental effects and harm that harvesting petroleum is often associated with!

(6) Master of Science in Natural Gas Engineering and Management
Understanding the forces at work behind natural gases from an engineering lens can be highly applicable in coming up with solutions to climate change issues and green technology movements.

Any of these top master’s degrees offered at the University of Oklahoma can help you achieve your goals of actively taking care of the environment. 

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