An Undergraduate International Business Degree

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Businesses in the 21st century are increasingly international! They operate on a multinational basis which means that employment opportunities continue to open up for professionals that have the business and cultural awareness savvy to be able to excel in a global environment.

Interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in business? An international business degree helps students make them competitive for future employment opportunities at a global level. At the end of the article we list two of the top universities to apply to if this degree piques your interest.

What is an international business degree?
International business programs help students understand how to conduct business in the global, international market. Undergraduate international business students study the business norms in different cultures across the globe so that they can be equipped for a career dealing with people from across the world. 

A bachelor’s degree in international business will most likely include some kind of language concentration where studies focus on the business aspects and current speaking trends of a language. Program coursework should also include courses in macroeconomics, business calculus, accounting, writing for business, information systems, and marketing strategy. These are all skills that help you find employment later on at government organizations and nonprofit organizations that partner with businesses around the world.

1) University of South Carolina
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in International Business
Columbia, SC

International business students at the University of South Carolina will have the opportunity to major in business administration and international business as a double major. They will also be able to choose between five business tracks—the Chinese business track, the Middle East and North Africa business track, European business track, South American business track, or Eurasian business track. Specialization in region will help students obtain career opportunities in regions of their interest after graduation.

“The department emphasizes the understanding of cross-border relationships — both within the same organization and across multiple organizations — comprising the modern multinational enterprise, as well as the institutional, financial, sociocultural and sociopolitical contests surrounding the enterprise. International business majors have the opportunity to concentrate on business in Chinese enterprise, Middle East and North Africa, Latin America or Central Europe.

As an international business major, you will benefit from challenging coursework, cutting-edge business knowledge and skills with a strong foundation in liberal arts and sciences. You will also gain global opportunities, cultural awareness and language appreciation. You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through study abroad, service learning and internships.”

They highlight that a major in international business helps prepare students for careers in finance, accounting, purchasing, marketing, production, logistics, and planning. Students take courses such as International Financial Management, Foreign Market Entry and Growth, Exporting and Importing, Business in Latin America, Asia, Europe, or Africa.

2) New York University 
Bachelor’s of Science in Business with a concentration in Global Business
New York, New York

Earning your bachelor’s degree at New York University allows you to be part of a program where the focus is the understanding of the global nature of business. The co-concentration allows students to extend their study of international business beyond the basic courses required by any basic business major.

Students will study international financial management, global marketing, and global macroeconomics issues. They will be able to choose from a multitude of elective options including, but not limited to, economic inequalities, sustainability impact consulting and business innovation, global economic trends, emerging markets, globalization of the entertainment industry, and microfinance.

Elijah S., NYU Stern Class of 2022, shares that “New York University offers an unparalleled experience: from living in New York City, to learning from world-class professors, to socializing with students from all across the globe, I wouldn't have been able to gain these memories without this school.”

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